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Pride Promo!!!

Ask us about our Pride promotions and specials!  



February 2015

New WEBSITE: February 2015   Welcome to our new and improved website that we are excited to launch this month ! As always, check it regularly , as we constantly update our offers and promotions. This year we celebrate with pride our 30 years of service to unions. Join us!   We now produce bags, briefcases, aprons, bibs , Melton leather jackets, vests and durable custom windbreakers. Considering a campaign? Running out of time? Cavan can help! We now offer services in design and advanced web development, combined with a graphic design studio that will meet all the needs of your campaigns and provide solutions for image change. Just send us your concept, and we will take care of the rest.



NEW!!! - October 2014

We now manufacture custom made: · Bags · Portfolios · Aprons · Strike bibs · Melton jackets · Leather jackets · Durable jackets · Wind breakers · Armbands · Blankets · Acrylic toques · Scarves · Lunch bags · Bandanas · Pencil cases · Skull caps · Garment bags · Toiletry bags 



NEW !!! - Septembre 2014

Please contact our office by phone, email, or the contact tab on our website to find out about our EXCLUSIVE new Union made clothing and bag solutions.



NEW!!! - August 2014

WE now provide sophisticated web design and development services, combined with a full graphic design studio for all your campaign needs and rebranding solutions. Our state of the art studio consists of in-house IT and graphic design professionals with strong knowledge and understanding of Union branding requirements. Please contact our office for more details.

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