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SR80e and SR60e - Made in USA

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Our entry level headphones: welcome to the world of quality reproduction of music at affordable price!

Here the faithful reproduction of music is the only criterion: no frill, no gadget but 2 models that have been at the forefront of an unbelievable number of reviews over the last few decades, all over the world.

1. Twice "Product of the year" by the well-known Stereophile.
2. Accessory of the year
3. Budget component of the year
4. Best Hi Fi headphone by What Hi Fi
And the list goes on. It is a Classic, an excellent value.

Treat yourself, have a listen, you won't believe your ears. List goes on. It is a Classic, an excellent value

The SR60 has reached the status of ''LEGEND"!

The drivers are paired with a 1db maximum tolerance.