Cavan Digital is here to assist unions in connecting with members, employers and the public through the use of the online and digital tools available today.


Campaigns are crucial for change, without awareness it’s nothing more than a meaningful message. The modern age of campaigning has changed significantly with the majority of eyes on our devices rather than looking out at what is going on around them. Each form of advertising has a specific demographic it has advantages and disadvantages that is why it’s important to have a well-rounded plan. Read More


You got everything out there but how can you keep track of the results of everything that is out there? Have analytics set up for everything.

Keeping track of this data is crucial to understanding your audience, the success of your campaigns and which areas to concentrate the budget while reducing it for the areas that aren’t generating the results. Let us show you how using analytics can allow a more budget-conscious result without sacrificing impact.

Social Media Management

Social Media platforms have quickly become the go-to place for connecting with members and providing them with updates. We believe social media platforms are the best way to engage members and create awareness or remind them about benefits, campaigns and other ongoing information that is vital for them to know. Read More


Facebook‘s pages are a great way of having a homepage without a website, it’s easy to add information to contact and keep members up to date on events or even share photos of past events and gatherings. Facebook is the leader in engaging with users in the over 30 demographic.


Instagram is a visual platform that is best at engaging users with images and stories that allow users to feel like they are actively participating and part of the discussion/events. Instagram is the best platform for engaging with members in the under 40 demographic, however, Instagram must be visually appealing to be successful in creating engagement around information being posted there.


Twitter is considered a thought sharing platform with high engagement in the political sector as well as the activist space. Twitter excels in promoting campaigns through the use of retweets that can allow other like-minded accounts to promote your message.

Email Newsletter

Email campaigns are a great way to connect with members on a regular basis that can include multiple points of information. The key to engaging newsletters is keeping the design clean and information to a minimum with a clear indication of how you would like the member to engage with that information.

Online Stores

We’ve developed a new online store platform that allows locals to offer members the ability to purchase swag online, while we deal with all the tech, logistics and storage of the products. We have multiple different configurations and set-ups available depending on what works best for the local and the members.

Online Catalogue

Our platform is also able to be configured into a resource centre that gives members the ability to download, order and browse different resources that the local wants to be able to provide its members. Members are able to purchase, download or order these items at a cost or for free depending on what the configuration is for that item.

Graphic Design

Words are understood when ready, but before someone reads the information their eyes have already sent hundreds of signals to the brain that judge the content based on how it looks. To get the message across, using design to improve its appeal will make a magnitude of a difference to improve at which rate the audience.. Read More